For British heritage brand Barbour, tradition is everything. But without a social media presence or online store, the family-run business was missing out.

Barbour reached out to me to create an updated brand identity and build their social media channels.

The challenge was broad: connect with an existing audience offline, while simultaneously tapping into a younger, digital-savvy audience.

Heritage brand storytelling for a digital audience.

Barbour writing sample

Barbour needed a way of translating their brand to a digital landscape, and bringing their rich history to social media. To do this, I spent time at their factory and archive in South Shields, learning about the company history and products. With a solid understanding of the brand, we built a robust, practical guide for print and digital formats that Barbour could use for many years to come.

With new guidelines and a thriving community, Barbour transformed from an old-fashioned label into one of the leading British luxury brands on social media.

During this time, I also lead copy projects for the brand’s website, press releases and advertorials, a new ecommerce site, in-store signage and catalogues.

#BarbourPeople and #BarbourDogs – two UGC ideas that continue to run as regular features, have inspired tens of thousands of posts by followers.