In northern europe, Budbee are the last-mile delivery company.

As they matured past their startup roots, Budbee needed a new way to communicate their brand and vision. I was contracted to lead the process, re-envisioning the creative direction, per-product usability and design, while overseeing development integration.

This included a ground-up rework for the end-to-end flow: consumer app, driver’s app, merchant-facing tools, delivery box management tools, box and vehicle design, and more.

I pitched and communicated new direction to both the company board and within company-wide meets, driving a positive and meaningful path towards a new future.

“😍 I am in love”
— CEO Fredrik Hamilton on design direction

Box: Budbee x Albert Heijn
Budbee van wrap
Consumer app onboarding

The consumer app, which skyrocketed to over 500,000 unique sessions per month, kickstarted a new mission to transform Budbee into an e-commerce giant.

The revamped design and user experience balanced the need for single-glance delivery statuses, while shining a bright light towards the future, where a new kind of shopping experience is being unveiled.

With this work, Budbee are ready to be the first to achieve a seamless shopping experience, where discovery, single-click payment, delivery and returns all exist under one roof.

Consumer app shopping experience — home view

“Tim’s attention to detail, product development and ability to think strategically make him a standout performer in the field of design.”
— Nikola Mitic, Director of Consumer Experience

Merchant data analytics
Merchant delivery dashboard

I would love to walk you through the entire process, show the extent of the output that I produced for Budbee, and discuss how it relates to your needs. Get in touch!