Logistics-tech company Einride creates intelligent web apps that plan routes, charging and emissions for electric HGVs.

I led a global verbal identity project alongside my role as a senior UX writer.

“It has been a pleasure working with Rebecca.”
— Alicia Rissler, Einride’s VP Product Design

With multiple powerful apps and users from all over the world, the key to Einride’s voice was simplicity – but simplicity requires deep understanding. I collaborated closely with product and user research teams to gather as much information as we could about this emerging area of technology. Where terminology was unclear, or undeveloped, I helped create a logical approach for definition.

Much like designers use components from a design system, I created a library of pre-approved, ready-to-use text that could be dragged and dropped for quick iteration and development. I worked together with our localisation expert and development team to implement a functional system that synchronised all copy in all workspaces.

Einride tone of voice sample

“It has been a pleasure working with Rebecca. She joined our team as our first UX Writer and helped us lay the foundation for UX copy and content at Einride. Rebecca is a great collaborator and well sought-after team member from both cross functional partners and other writers.

She ramped up quickly, taking time to understand our complex and ambiguous products, set up systems, glossaries and guidelines for how to work with UX writing at Einride across teams and products. Rebecca was contributing to the success of the launch of our first products. I hope we get to work together again soon.”

— Alicia Rissler, Einride’s VP Product Design