I was the sole production resource to design and develop a pilot project for PostNord with the aim to digitalise, display and promote various metrics to improve team cohesion and business efficiency.

This was the first time PostNord had a way to holistically present and respond to the data behind their productivity goals in real-time.

“Together we’ve managed to decrease the number of undelivered parcels by one million.”
— Annemarie Gardshol, PostNord CEO

Daily team meetings getting updates on the monthly race between teams

I created a series of web apps that tracked both quantitive and qualitative metrics, engaging all employees from drivers through to management.

The pilot was a huge success, and has been scaled through Scandinavia, leading to positive cultural shifts and practical capabilities.

“The result has directly benefited our customers, our internal culture and the public’s trust in PostNord as a brand. Keep up the good work!”
— Annemarie Gardshol, PostNord CEO

Daily meetings discussing performance and feedback
View daily KPI metrics and understand trends over time (shown with fictitious data)