We were tasked with liberating life insurance from something typically sober and sensible to something vibrant and joyful. We created a new brand for that had a visual and emotional “pop” to help users make a positive choice.

The site has had over 500 million unique views, and became a hugely profitable venture for the owners. In its wake came a slew of copycats, all making attempts to recreate the tongue-in-cheek energy of the original.

We replaced the usual sign up form with an interactive chat bot, offering easter eggs along the way to boost brand personality and site stickiness.

“Tom’s stratospheric ride to the top shows how Tim and Rebecca created a brand and product that connected with the social zeitgeist.”
— Adam Taylor, CEO of Tom

"Daddy ballerina"
"Apoocalypse now."

The new brand performed very well, leading to its sale to one of the largest insurance companies in Europe. With its success came partnerships with household names, including boxer Tyson Fury.

Have a play with the live site!

Tom became a title sponsor for the boxer Tyson Fury